Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A Stroll Along London's Southbank

We went on a mammoth walk with my parents at the weekend. I love the way that if you just walk in London you realise how close together everything really is, and it's much nicer than squishing into a stinky tube. You also save money, get exercise and find things you never would have known were there. On the subject of saving money, everywhere we went was free (in fact mostly everywhere we go is free - I'm a cheapskate!). We walked from Victoria Station to London Bridge Station essentially. On our way we did lots and lots of fun things.

We went to the Vintage Marketplace at Southbank. Nanny treated Kit to a go on the vintage car ride.

We passed the Watch This Space festival outside the National Theatre. (There seems to be a bit of a red Mini theme going on!)

Then we went to the Tate Modern where we saw the Peregrine Falcon thanks to lovely people from the RSPB. Then once inside, Kit tested out their new under-5s section.

Then we walked along to Borough Market and ate yummy cakes by sugargrain. A yummy end to a lovely day. Kit slept like a log!

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