Thursday, 18 August 2011


I wanted to get a picture of the post-riot Footlocker in Brixton, but was running late for the train so all I got was this as I tried to run for my train...
I thought it wouldn't matter, I'd get one on my way to work on Wednesday (yesterday).

BUT... when I got to Brixton I saw this...

The store was on fire for a second time. The cause is unknown but it has really disrupted the offices above the area and it closed the tube. It's frustrating to see as I'd been enjoying seeing all the people at work mending the area and now it feels like they have been put back a step. I hope the cause is found soon, and the area cleaned up again. I hope that when I get back to work next week I'll be able to take a great picture.

I remember my first commutes through Brixton and thinking how great the community spirit was, there was music playing, people trading from the arches and kids playing. Everyone seemed to know each other. I even thought that it might be quite a nice place to grow up. There are some great things going on in the area, I hope that the recent events don't put people off going there. Peace, Love. Brixton.

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