Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I'd arranged to go to Columbia Road flower market this weekend with my friend Maz. Having previously dipped into Columbia Road for their late night openings the Christmas I was pregnant, I hadn't made it back to go to the flower market so wanted to check it out. It was amazing, but very busy and hot! We went for yummy cakes at Lily Vanilli, and pottered in the shops wishing we had homes of our own to buy stuff for!

Conveniently, at the end of Columbia Road is Hackney City Farm. So to make up for being confined in a buggy and dragged shopping Kit got the chance to make friends with some more piggy's.

And there were some other animals too...

And... there is a cafe which is supposed to serve amazing food. We did go in to eat, but it was way too hot to have one of the meals that looked like they would be yummy. A good excuse to go back when the weather cools down. They also do lots of events which look like great fun, I'll definately be keeping an eye on what is going on there.

Our day didn't end at Hackney City Farm. Kit wasn't coping too great with the heat and he just wanted to sleep so we thought we'd take the opportunity to catch the bus over to Hackney Wick and check out the Hackney Wicked Festival (we also stopped by at Mabley Green Bike Festival on the way, but I think we'd missed most of the fun there).

Hackney Wicked Festival wasn't (as would be expected) the most buggy-friendly event in London and so unfortunately we couldn't really look into a lot of the artist studios, but it was really nice to see the ones that we did. I'm not familiar with the area, despite previously having lived in Bow for a year (Kit was born in Mile End), we never realised that Hackney Wick had so much there (or that it was just around the corner!). We did walk along the river and see all the barges, and we got to see the olympic stadium (as it currently stands). I definitely want to head Hackney way again if there are anymore festivals that way, but probably Kit-less next time if possible.

I'm probably one of the few people in the UK that wants the temperature to drop. We aren't good with heat and I want a happier face on Kit (and for him to start wanting to eat more than his toes!).

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  1. It's been scorching hot,isn't it? No, I want it a lil bit cooler,too.



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