Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Living Local: Bromley Pt2

So on the Sunday we were intending to travel across London for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party that was being put on by the Discover Children's Story Centre, which I'm sure would have been awesome. I saw a poster in Starbucks in Bromley for another family fun day though and thought, why not stay local.

We met up with Kit's Dad and popped on the train a few stops to Shortlands station for the 'family fun'. It has to be said that the fun was slightly limited, but fun all the same. Despite having massive reservations about getting on the bouncy castle at Fun in the Sun, Kit embraced the bouncy fun that Shortlands did have to offer (NB that and a lucky dip seemed to be the extent of the fun!).

It was nice to stay a bit closer to home for the weekend, and it was a great break from weightlifting Kit around central London. I don't feel more in touch with my locality from it though. I'm guessing that will come once Kit starts school.

In the meantime, I'll embrace the friends I have made around Bromley area (through Netmums, Gingerbread and Twitter - I apparently can't meet people not via the internet!)

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