Thursday, 25 August 2011

Ribbon Rosettes (tutorial of sorts)

Kit inherited a beautiful rocking horse from freecycle, it needed a few repairs but his Grandad fixed it up for him and now it gets treated to carrots and everything. He does some spectacular rocking on it, definitely deserving of a rosette!

I always keep ribbon from packaging and presents, and I buy off-cuts all the time from sewing shops. There are lots of things you can use ribbons for (and you can always tie up your hair with them Violet Baudelaire style if you need some inspiration). I'm sure there are many tutorials for making ribbon rosettes out there, but I wanted to share the method I used when I was playing about.

I'm not very good at typed explanations so I hope the pictures show what you need to do. Any questions, please ask.

I've just pinned the centre of these at the moment because I am planning on working them into a different project (which I will share at a later date). You could just stitch through the middle to hold it together, or they'd look lovely with a button in the middle.

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