Friday, 26 August 2011

This week I'm grateful for..


We have some great playgrounds nearby. Lot of them also have amazing sandpits attached, I don't remember them being like that when I was little.

Our favourite local playgrounds are;
Whitehall Rec (great bushes!)
Bromley Library Gardens (the park by the library - and where the pics below are from)
Croydon Road Recreation Ground, Beckenham - paddling pool, lots for littlies, and a train to play in.
Crystal Palace Park - Dinosaurs, farm, sandpit, more dinosaurs, lots of free space to run.
Kelsey Park, Beckenham - an amazing new curly slide which Kit loves, ducks, and lots to explore.

And I have a lovely little boy who insists that I get to play on all the apparatus too!!

Please feel free to add your local favourite playgrounds in the comments. :)


  1. We have some great playgrounds here. And the kids love visiting them all. Except the one with the swirly round-about as last time Miss 3 did a little too much spinning and it didn't end well LOL!

  2. thats a really great one! The ones around us are pretty lame.. so we pretty much built our own in the backyard lol! the kids love it!

  3. How lovely!! We're huge on playgrounds, free outdoor fun, what more can you wish for your children to enjoy?? Love Posie

  4. I love playgrounds/parks as well! We have two great ones in town, but I prefer the smaller, gated and fenced toddler park to the big bells and whistles park that is actually closer (only a block away rather than a 15 minute walk). The walking is good for me, and the park is safer for the littlies!

  5. my LO also insists I join in the playpark activities! I see other mummies/daddies sitting on the benches while the little ones run about and I think, one day he'll not want me to join in and i'll sit there, watching. Occasionally I wish that day were now when i'm took knacked to climb and swing, but usually it's a good excuse to be a big kid again!

  6. What a great choice of play parks you have! They aren't that great around here unfortunately. We have a little one just up the road but the kiddies are soon outgrowing it. Bath has a fantastic one in Victoria Park x

  7. I don't think there is a top park in Sydney that I haven't frequented with my gang. We go north, south, east and west for the love of a good park. Can never get enough. I think I will still go even when my bairns are totally over it. A picnic near a playground never hurt anyone! x

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