Tuesday, 9 August 2011


We were really, really lucky and won tickets to Lollibop Festival via Mummys Little Monkey. Thank you Jackie, lots and lots and lots.

We had a great time.

Despite some slightly questionable weather at times!

Kit had a great time, and it was lovely to see him and his friend dancing to the Teatime Treats (the only thing we got to see from the floor - Rastamouse and the Zingzillas he viewed from my shoulders). The Wow toys tent was amazing, we've been to other events where they have had a presense and they are always a hit. We also had a great time in the soft play area, but all the gymboree session were booked out before we got to the tent. The story tent was lovely, and Kit actually sat and watched for a reasonable length of time, on his own accord - I normally have to work at getting him to stay in one place but he was happy to sit and watch the storytime. However there were a few disappointments, despite joining the queue twice (both time over 30mins early) we didn't get in to see the Charlie and Lola play. :( And our friends had to queue for over 30mins to get face-painting (and that was right at the end of the day when the queues had died down), we didn't join them as Kit has ezcema and I didn't think it was worth the queue for a possibility of a very sore face!!

Despite the queueing and missed chances, Kit exhausted himself with the excitment of the day, and feel asleep at about 5.15pm, only waking up for a drink before bed!

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