Monday, 15 August 2011

Bedtime Stories: Tyrannosaurus Drip

 Tyrannosaurus Drip

This book by Julia Donaldson and David Roberts, was Kit's first love, in book terms. When he started voicing (or pointing and grabbing) an opinion about which story he wanted to hear this was what he picked everytime. I think it was the rhythm and rhyme of the book which attracted him (as much as the little monsters dinosaurs hiding on each page). Each page is covered in intricate illustrations, showing not only the story but the life around it. Kit's got to an age now where he will study a page and look at each detail asking what everything is questions so (although not great if you are trying to get him to sleep) I love books which have lots to offer his inquisitivity. 

The story of Tyrannosaurus Drip is that of a dinosaur born to the wrong parents, and how despite pressure and bullying from his parents and siblings, he rises to heroism and discovers his true self. Essentially it is about not letting others choose your path in life, but to follow your heart to be who you want to be. Maybe a great message to be sending our kids, given recent events!
Enjoy your bedtime stories.

(NB Kit is not reading Tyrannosauras Drip in the pic, he isn't interested in it at the moment - hazard of planning your blog posts weeks in advance!)

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  1. This book is all new to me.Sounds lovely.Both mine love dinasours so will look this up. Thank you so much for linking up to Book Sharing Monday!



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