Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Loo Roll Piggy

A while back I found a book in a charity shop...

I'd been collecting loo roll innards for a while, as I realised that there are masses of ways that you can use them in craft activities. I have two boxes full of bits that I haven't recycled because they might come in useful for a craft - I think I might need to start recycling!

I thought this book was great because Kit is still too young to really construct something, but he does like to colour and draw, and to stick (stickers and with glue). Obviously he just needs a lot of guidance on where to stick the glue!

The book has many different animals, but the choice was obvious for us...

We tweeked the pattern a little and added a pipe cleaner tail and Kit introduced his new pig to his piggy sticker (to small to be visible in the photo, but size doesn't matter - never underestimate the importance of a piggy sticker!).

I'm sure we'll be trying out some of the other animals soon.

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