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I'm Bek, an over-ambitious, under-acheiving nearly thirty (something) year old, with ideas above her station (or above her ability to fit hours in the day for!)! I'm a single mum to my lovely little terror, Kit, who is embracing the 'terrible twofour's' with all his might. I'd love to be a parent full-time, but unfortunately we need to be fed, so I work part-time, study part-time, craft part-time, and try to parent full-time, and I hope some day soon to figure out a way that I can earn enough money to live while spending lots more time with my son (which would now be to home-school him as we've cracked the I work while he is at school for this year). If anyone has discovered how to do that please let me know!

If you'd like to get in touch we'd love to here from you.

email: bekydaly@live.co.uk
Twitter: @BekKitandCake

We are PR friendly, and happy to receive requests relevant to our family.

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  1. Hi there! I'm a friend of a girl anna you work with and she forward me your awesome blog.... i'm not one for blogs normally - really because being a single mum too i dont find much time -but i have to say, i love it! it's so refreshing to hear other single mums on a mission to have fun with their lovely children too!! enjoying this time is magical. anyway, i'll be keeping an eye on the fun stuff you find to do in london town. A xx



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