Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Apple Cart Festival

We're on a bit of a winning streak at the moment (my luck has obviously changed as I never win things normally). I won tickets via Dalston People for Apple Cart festival. I used to live near to Victoria Park and it's a great place for an event (and they have plenty of events on there).

They had an under-5s area (Little Pips organised by Club Mum) which was amazing. With a ball-pit, smoby car, and rocker outside there were two tents, one with soft play apparatus and the other full of toys and a table selling tea, coffee, and toddler snacks (like a toddler group in a tent!). Even more amazing was the fact you could watch the main stage from the doorway, which meant that I watched Patrick Wolff and Badly Drawn Boy while Kit played with a toy kitchen and a toy car garage.

In addition to the amazing Little Pips there was an amazing trailer pirate ship outside (it had a very fun slide).

There were also activities put on in the House of Fairytales where Kit made a matchbox tree for their magic forest, the other activities looked amazing, but none of it was really aimed at toddlers so we were grateful to get to have a go at the activity we did do.

There was also a book tent, where Kit got to meet Spot again. He was equally as awestruck as the last time!

There was so much going on that I could write forever. We didn't get to see everything, and as the weather was very questionable the tents were quite packed even when the bigger names weren't on because the skies kept opening. Generally, there was just so much to do that we couldn't fit it all in! We had an amazing time. We will be back next year.

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