Thursday, 25 August 2011


Kit and I grew lots and lots of seedlings this year. We only have a shared garden at our flat, and we can't plant in the ground, and there isn't a water source down there (we live on the first floor). Consequently, the seedlings that we planted out in grow bags have not down very well.

We passed some of our seedlings onto Nanny and Grandad though, and they are getting lots of yummy tomatoes and peppers from them. We also passed some on to Kit's Dad, who has raised flowerbeds at his house. The soil at his house is apparently magic, because the tomatoes have taken over, and he has masses of tomatoes to pick each day, despite the fact they they exist in a tangled mess hanging over the raised flowerbed!

I hope we have an allotment for next summer. Would love to be able to feed ourselves with some food we have grown. Either way, we'll be growing seedlings again, so watch this space if you are local, we may have some to give away next year!

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  1. Homegrown tomatoes are the best, which reminds me I must check on ours, probably gone wild in the greenhouse. Good luck with getting an allotment and happy growing! x



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