Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Nanny and Grandad's House

 This isn't Nanny and Grandads house!

Well it is, but they don't live it in! My mum has a friend who has a nursery and they had got a new playhouse and so where throwing out the old one (I'm informed that this one did not look quite so pretty or intact as it does in the pics). She very kindly donated it to mum, and with my dad they turned it into a home that Kit can use for years to come.

 She also donated them an old cooker!
 And a rocking horse!
 I think Kit already preferred Nanny and Grandads to our flat (understandable, if you compare the two), this could tip him to insist on moving back in with them! We've only been moved out of their house for 10months!

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