Friday, 5 August 2011

This week I'm grateful for...


I have some really, really amazing friends. They have to be to put up with me!

I moved into a flat-share with some friends before I had Kit, within 3 months of living with them I was pregnant. The plans of a party flat were somewhat pushed aside as I got fatter and fatter. My friends were so supportive though, and (although they probably don't realise) I couldn't have got through my pregnancy without them. Once I had Kit it was the visits that I had from them and other friends which kept me sane. None of my friends pre-Kit have children, but they still want to spend time with me and my child. I don't tell them how grateful I am for them, I should.

This week I was supposed to be hosting a Netmums meetup in my local area (an opportunity for local parents to get together to make friends). We were going to have a picnic. It rained! It was the second picnic that I organised where it rained, I think my third meetup might have to be indoors, or maybe it's third time lucky?! Anyway, needless to say it was cancelled (again). I went down to check that noone actually turned up though, as I thought it would be the worst day ever for someone if they turned up (in the rain) to make some friends, and ended up in a field, in the rain, alone! (Noone was there). I did get a text though. One of the Mums who I had emailed my number said she was on her way, so we met up in a local cafe, drunk coffee, tried to keep our toddlers from running out the door into the rain, and we made friends. I'm grateful.


  1. I'm grateful for you too. Love ya loads xx

  2. I'm glad you made a buddy even though the meet up was rained out. That's fate! x



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