Monday, 8 August 2011

Bedtime Stories: The Lorax

We love Dr Seuss in this house. From early on Kit has enjoyed the rhymes (much to his Nanny's despair as he kept bringing her the most difficult books to read!) The Lorax is such a great book we have two copies of it!! One is an abridged version in a board book and the other is the full version as part of a Dr Seuss story book. Either version is great, it just depends how lazy I am feeling!

The best thing about the Lorax (apart from it just being another great Dr Seuss book) is the message that it has to give.

The Lorax is a creature that lives in the trees, until the Once-ler comes along and cuts them all down. The book is a microcosm of the world, it shows the grim reality of what will happen if we carry on taking from the land and don't give anything back. Then, most importantly, it ends putting you in the position of mending what the once-ler has done. It is an advocate for the idea that if you care enough you can save the world.

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