Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Kit turned two last week, he thinks he is a big boy now - he switches between a stroppy teenager and acting like he is the parent! I mean who heard of a child that makes their mum sit on the roundabout so that they can push them around!!

We celebrated in wild style at High Elms, one of our favourite places to go run around High Elms Country Park

He got a scooter and now all I hear all day is 'cooter, 'cooter. Crazy baring in mind he couldn't even say 'mummy' a few weeks ago! He also got a cookie monster birthday cake, he loves his cookie monster (who doesn't) and he is a cookie (biscuit) monster himself. It was the hottest day, I was so worried that the icing would just all melt, but my creation survived (until we ate it that is!).

Welcome terrible twos!!


  1. THAT CAKE IS AMAZING!!! I will have to promote Sesame Street even more now! Maybe then I can convince the little one that he wants this cake too!
    If you're into sesame stree- here's my fav sesame street thing at the moment- beware- it's very catchy! will-i-am singing what i am

  2. ha ha, that's cool. we love sesame street. you definately should promote it katie, it's the best!



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