Thursday, 7 July 2011

Pirates: The Captain Kit Story!

A few weeks back we met up with friends and embarked on a journey to the Docklands in London's East End. I lived in Bow while I was pregnant with Kit and he was born at the Royal London Hospital in Mile End (not sure if that makes him a cockney?!?). We were meeting up with my old flatmates from that time so it was fitting to meet up in this neck of the woods, even though none of us live there anymore (much as we would all still love to).

We were scheduled in at the Museum of Docklands to meet some pirates, and see if they wanted to recruit a new, slightly too small, deckboy. Kit seemed to suit the pirate lifestyle.

It was a great exhibition and really little person friendly. There was even a spot on the boat to sit and have a story (kid's books provided), although the light was slightly bad in there (as the pics show), and my little pirate didn't have time to sit down for a story because he had treasure to find.

More generally the Museum of London, Docklands is a great place to take a toddler. There is a great free soft play area and they always have family activities for all ages. Plus you get to ride on the DLR to get there, which is exciting enough on it own!! :)

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