Saturday, 9 July 2011

Pop Up Children's Literature Festival

Despite a challenging toddler day, we eventually made it to Coram's Fields for the Pop Up Children's Literature Festival

Kit was stunned at actually meeting Spot, I've never known him to be so much in awe of anything. He wasn't quite so taken by the Moomin though as he clung to my legs whining everytime it was anywhere nearby.

I was most impressed by Michael De Souza, one of the writers of Rastamouse, he definately knew how to work an audience, 'Irie Man!'. He handed out a strip of stickers to each kid at the end (and there was an opportunity to make your own t-shirt) I was mildly amused with Kit's choice of sticker, as he stuck one to himself - he had chosen 'Bagga Trouble'. It really summed up his mood today!

It was our first trip to Coram's Field, I've been meaning to take Kit for a while. It lived up to expectations. The multiple play areas were fantastic and despite a good turn out to the festival, it didn't seem like the little people were fighting to have space to play. There were very exciting yelps of 'Chickens! Chickens!' as I directed Kit to the animal area, and was more than impressed with the cafe (which actually sold healthy, reasonably priced food - no burgers and chips!!). I think we may get tickets and go back for their 75th birthday party on the 26th July., if not we'll definately be back soon.

The bonus of Coram's Field is that it is close to King's Cross, and therefore close to Drink, Shop & Do so when Kit was having a nap I popped up there for a snoop at the handmade gifts in the shop (it was too busy in the cafe, and it really isn't buggy friendly - or toddler friendly if your little one is awake!). I'm really looking forward to visiting there for one of their events one evening, it is on my to-do list! I also stumbled across a brilliant community garden project on Gray's Inn Road, The Calthorpe Project I recommend a look if you are in the area, they have great things for under-5's, I wish I lived closer by!

We're off to Kensington Palace Party tomorrow. I love London in the summer, there is always so much to do.

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