Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hanky Bunting

I've been promising a friend that I would make her some bunting for a while now after she had admired the bunting I made for Kit's room when I moved into my flat, and he moved out of sleeping in my room.

I'd used a template and cut and stitched up each flag on Kit's bunting, which was fairly time consuming (although worth the effort in the end), this time I wanted something that would be quick and easy to do, to ensure that I actually got around to finishing it.

I read a lot of craft blogs and craft magazines, and I'd seen mentions of making bunting with old (vintage!!) hankerchiefs so I thought that I would have a go.

Firstly, I sourced a pile of hankies from local charity shops (these cost me between 5p and 20p each), then I got a couple of metres of binding from a charity shop (for 30p). Secondly, I folded all my hankies in half, diagonally. Thirdly, I pinned the binding over the fold of each hanky, joining them all together. Lastly, using a sewing machine I stitched along the binding securing all the hankies together to create bunting!

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