Friday, 29 July 2011

Coolings Nature Trail

Given that the weather seems to be holding, I didn't want to spend Thursday stuck inside, but I did have lots of chores to do. Thinking of what we could do early in the day so that I could get on with my boring housework and Kit could get down to some serious jigsaw puzzling and stickering later I thought we could go for breakfast at one of our (fairly) local garden centres.

Just so happens that it happens to have Nature Trail, and it also happens to be home to some pigs! When I went to buy some pig-food I was informed that I couldn't because the piggy had a litter, lots and lots of piglets! :)

It also has sheep, and a goat (although he seemed to be hiding today), and chickens, and wallabies, and bees, and fish (although they are for sale not for fun so much). They have strawberries growing (that Kit wanted to pinch, but I had to point out we can only pinch Nanny's strawberries!), they have teepees to play in, and they also have a hut and some diggers (but we didn't get that far in, or to that side of the garden centre this time).

There are also lots and lots of different bug hotels around the area. When I have a garden of my own, I want lots and lots of these.

Best way to spend a morning. (We spent the afternoon at the park! Chores can wait!) :)

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