Friday, 15 July 2011

This week I'm grateful for ...


We go to the library at least once a week at the moment. Most weeks it's twice, sometimes more!

When I was on maternity leave Kit and I went to the library pretty much every other day, and I think it kept me sane as a constructive way to get out of the house while not spending any money. All the local libraries had a session of 'Bounce and Rhyme' for babies and toddlers, and they were all on different days - we library hopped!

Now I'm working part-time, we only have two days of the week to play with where there are activities to participate in the library fun (they don't have activities on a Saturday - but we sometimes go then too just for the books, and they are closed Sundays sadly - but I guess books need a break too!).

So every Tuesday (after we go swimming) we pop into the library next to the swimming pool and they happen to have a toddler 'Play and Stay' session, where there are toys for the little people to play with and there is a craft activity for them to do, and then the have nursery rhymes and songs, and lastly a story - and there is a different theme each week (this week it was weather). Then pretty much every Thursday (although we didn't this week as my parent came to play) we get on a bus (a toddler adventure in itself) and go to a different library for 'Bounce and Rhyme', where we sing nursery rhymes and songs and then there are some toys to play with. Best of all both are free!

The other exciting thing at libraries, aside from the fantastic toddler activities, are the books!! I don't have much time for reading at the moment as all my reading energy is taken up by my study, but I do love the non-fiction section. Not only can I get out books for my OU course, but I can also peruse all of the craft books to get ideas and patterns. Kit is also a bit of a bookworm and would probably be quite happy to stay in the library and read every children's book they have, when he isn't in a hyperactive mood.

I look forward to growing my boy up around the library, I think what you read really does have an influence on shaping who you become, and I want to give him the opportunity to explore who he would like to be.

There are some great charities and initiatives out there that aid literacy and encourage children to enjoy reading. A couple in London that I think are amazing are the Ministry of Stories and their monster shop, and Discover the interactive story centre. I'm also grateful for the books Kit has been given via his Bookstart packs - if you have a baby or toddler and haven't received a pack ask your health visitor or local library.

For a fuller list of book charities, check out the post over at Playing by the Book.


  1. We too love our local library. The kids love exploring the kids section and finding new books to read and remember ones they have already read.

  2. With all my Book Fair books it reminded me that the reason I 'collect' books is because I just can't get to the library the way I want to anymore. I have to bring it to me! x

  3. ooh yes i need to remember to get to my library more often. as a child i loved walking to our local library. i think i read the whole young adult section (it was quite a small library) .. popping over from maxabella, hope you don't mind a new follower! x

  4. I love the library - I go at least twice a week - and not just for my little girl. I've started borrowing magazines there now, and DVD's. So much good stuff at the library - I'm always amazed at people that turn their nose up at the thought. I can happily spend an hour browsing in there compared to shopping! Popping in from Maxabellas.

  5. Oh we love libraries too, fabulous places! Ours is in a great Art Deco building and the children's section is huge - unfortunately they took the rocking horse away though, must have been a Health & Safety thing or something!

  6. Thanks for all the comments. Glad that there is more love for the libraries out there. :) My Nan always told me she thought I would become a librarian, maybe I should train as one! Having a peep at all your blogs, always good to find new people to follow. x

  7. I love my local library however I am a bit of a fugitive right now because we were late returning some recently. I've paid the fine but my face still burns with shame at the guilt of it all. I honestly think giving your little one the gift of loving reading is so special.



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