Monday, 25 July 2011

Bedtime Stories: One Snowy Night

I've probably shown in previous post how important I feel books and stories are to helping your little ones grow, but I thought I'd hammer it home a bit more! :)

I'm sure that all of you are still converts to the bedtime story but, given it is Book Sharing Monday, I thought I would share some of our favourite bedtime stories with you.

Kit is going through a bit of a Charlie and Lola story phase at the moment, so most nights he just wants a Charlie and Lola book, thankfully I managed to extend his collection of them from a local charity shop as it was getting a bit boring reading the same five books over and over.

On the odd night that Charlie and Lola get off we tend to read from a list of Dr Seuss books, Eric Carle, and lots and lots of others from Kit's personal library!

His top five at the moment (excluding Charlie and Lola) are...
  • One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth
  • The Midnight Run of Thomas the Tank Engine by Rev. W. Awdry
  • The Lorax by Dr Seuss
  • Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson and David Roberts
  • Can't You Sleep Little Bear by Martin Waddell
Can I add these are his favourite bedtime stories, he has a lot of other favourites that we read in the day, but they don't work so well at bedtime. Additionally, he has several small sets of books that have 5 books in a box (you know what I mean?!) and when his Daddy comes over to read him a bedtime story he always picks those because, even at two he seems to have figured out he can delay bedtime by getting 5 bedtime stories rather than the one that Mummy offers!

I'll go through each in turn, starting with One Snowy Night this week.

One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth

This book is part of Nick Butterworths Percy the park keeper series. Set in the winter, it tells the story of a cold, snowy night in the park, and Percy's encounters with the animals that live around him (I don't want to spoil the story by saying much more than that!). I personally love the illustrations, and the simplicity of the story. The kindness and generousity of Percy is a great example to children, and meeting all the different animals is great as Kit is just getting to grips with his speech and it gives him a chance to learn how to say all the animal names.

We'll share the next book on the list next week.

Until then, enjoy your bedtime story and have a good night. :)


  1. My daughter loves One Snowy Night,too. It is a beautiful story. Thanks for linking up to Book Sharing Monday :)

  2. one of our favourites too, altho always a bit strange reading about snow and the like in the middle of summer! only just got mine to give up The Snowman for the year...



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