Friday, 22 July 2011

New Voices Festival

I posted earlier in the week about our chance to have tea with the tiger at the V & A Museum of Childhood, and promised that there would be more about this great museum later. So here we go..

I have a huge soft-spot for the Museum of Childhood, it is quite possibly my favourite place to take my son (and use him as an excuse to relive my childhood!). I wish that I lived nearer, I'd be there practically everyday! We went last weekend as the New Voices Festival was on, but you really don't need an event to go there, we had to work fast to fit everything in!

We watched trains, played in the sandpit, did some drawing, read stories with the tiger at tea, dressed up as Mog... (we didn't have time this time to play duplo, with the fire-engine, dolls house or kitchen sets...).


As part of the festival we watched several different types of dancing, and even joined in with making some music. 

Thanks to The Create Place Kit got to make playdough cancer cells, make an Eric Carle inspired hat, and make a treasure box.

We were exhausted by the time we left (Kit wouldn't nap the entire day, but had the longest sleep on the way home and still settled to bed on time!). It was a shame about the rain, as there were more activities outside, but it was chucking it down on and off, and we had so much to do inside.

If you want an excuse to go to the Museum of Childhood they have loads of activities for children big or small on the website, I'm really excited about going to their summer festival on the 7th August.

Check out The Create Place too as they have masses of workshops and a Family Fringe Festival coming up on the 27th August.

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