Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Diana Memorial Playground

If you have a child and live in London (or regularly visit) and you have yet to venture to the Diana Memorial Playground go!! We were lucky enough to get in straight away, but when we left there was a queue (yes it's that great people queue to get into it!).

Our visit was fairly short last weekend, but we will definately be going back soon. As we only spent a small time there we hung around in the centrepiece of the playground, the pirate ship. Set in the biggest sandpit you have ever seen (well that I have ever seen - bar the beach!) the pirate ship is as simple as it sounds, no bells and whistles, just a real (pretend real) pirate ship to run around, climb up rigging, and steer. Surrounding it were smaller boats with rudders to move and sails to rock. A stream of water flows around treasure chests and rope makes line the ground. Further areas hold teepees and huts and plenty of space to run and jump and explore. It is so refreshing to go to a playground that encourages the imagination in the way that this space does. Echoing Peter Pan, it reminds you of why you never wanted to grow up.

If you need a good excuse to go there, what better reason than to head to Kensington Gardens this Saturday for the Bliss Buggy Push*, and do something for charity whilst there! Or if you can't make this weekend then pop along to the allotment on the 13th August to ask the experts if you are have any grow-your-own questions.

*(If you're interested in helping Bliss in another way - or like me have a toddler who would not stand being in a buggy long enough to walk 5K - then there are other ways to raise funds. If you enjoy knitting or sewing please consider joining up to their Craft Club. If you would like to participate in a buggy push but aren't in London, please check out the other listings for around the country.)


  1. I LOVE that playground. One of the perks of having kids! When we went, you weren't allowed in if you didn't have a kid. Which is great, unless your childless friend is planning to meet you in there like we had arranged. It's on my wish list of things to do this summer!

  2. Beautiful photo's.I want to go,it looks fantastic! I keep saying we need to take the girls for a trip down to London and it looks like we have the perfect excuse now.



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