Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Kensington Palace

As I mentioned on Saturday, we headed to off to the Kensington Palace Party on Sunday. Despite frequent visits to High Street Ken pre-Kit, I don't recollect ever having ventured into Kensington Gardens. I'm sure my parents, and maybe even my friends may point out to me that I have, but I clearly never noticed how wonderful it was before. There is an abundence of free space, perfect for running and jumping and picnics. A lake full of beautiful swans (much nicer than the evil geese at our local waterspot!). Despite the work they are doing on it, Kensington Palace and it's gardens are still more than pleasing on the eye.

Kit was greated with a balloon, and enjoyed watching the dancing while joining in offstage, I'm sure that in years to come he'll be up there with all the other audience participants. He did get involved in the arts and craft section of the programme, proudly decorating a picture frame and a crown.

We wandered around the palace gardens and then headed out to the gardens surrounding. Fitting in a trip to the Diana Memorial Playground (more about that in a post later) before Kit eventually gave into his nap and I slipped in a trip to the Urban Outfitters sale (although didn't buy anything) before we embarked on our journey home.

I wish that I had the money and time to spare as Kensington Palace have Craft Courses coming up this month onwards, and they look great. We'll definately be keeping an eye out for more events in their gardens and the surrounds, and when Kit is a bit older (and less prone to destruction) we may go and have a look around the palace itself!

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