Thursday, 7 July 2011

Memory Blanket

A while back I made a memory blanket for Kit with some of his t-shirts that were too small, and one of my old t-shirts backed with my old dressing gown. I'm hoping to make him a much bigger one when he moves into a 'big' bed. I had been inspired by a blog I'd seen where someone was making one for a friend whose child had passed away. I think it is such a lovely idea and it was such a lovely thing for them to do for their friend. (I can't find the link to the blog anymore - I'll add it if I ever do).

I feel so lucky to have my little boy, even when he is driving me bananas. I've been watching Baby Hopital on TV and seeing all the little ones that are born and all those that don't make it, I really feel for the parents, I can't imagine how sad it would be to lose a child. I saw a post on Netmums recently about a lady who sent up a charity that provide clothing to hospitals for babies born too early. I got in touch and now have some patterns to knit some clothes for them and am planning a mammoth mini-hat and blanket knitting session very soon.

If you are a sewer or knitter please check it out


  1. Hi, i saw your post over at netmums, i wanted to come say hi and add follow u :)

    i love the idea of a memory blanket and was wondering what i could do with my sons olds tshirts and baby vests! great idea! thanks :) x

  2. Hi Paula

    Thanks for popping by.

    I'm planning more posts with ideas of things to do with old clothes etc so please keep looking. :)



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