Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I spent Saturday, Kit-less, in the Beatbullying offices in Crystal Palace, being trained as a LifeMentor for their incredable FutureYou online resourse for teenagers and young people.

ReSync brochure

From now on 1 or more hour/s of my week will be spent on chatroom and private chat on their website, hoping that I can help a teenager or young person to figure out how to get their life back on track. I don't think I'm an expert at life, far from it, but I've got experience at living, and if that experience might help even one person I don't think that 1 hour a week of my time is too much to spend trying to help.

It's a great opportunity to volunteer at something that you can do while your kids are asleep, and which doesn't tie you into a specific time and day each week.

I had a great time at the training and the staff and other volunteers were lovely. If you are interested then get in touch, or if you know of a 14 - 25 year old that might need a hand to get their life back on track, refer them to the website, they also have qualified counsellors and advisors who can help.

(I dropped Kit and his Daddy off to enjoy the love parks week storytelling and visit the piggy's in Crystal Palace Park)
Picture cortesy of Kit's Dad!

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