Saturday, 23 July 2011

Being house-trained by a toddler!

I went to do the washing the other day and Kit came over to where I was sorting it and stole my load of washing and took it to the washing machine and put it in.

When I hoover, he follows me around 'hoovering' with his toy hoover (anyone with a toddler scared of a hoover, getting them a mini-one has worked wonders on mine!).

When I do the washing-up he brings me bowls and cups that I have left in the living room.

After I eat my dinner he prompts me to take my plate to the kitchen (and if you visit he will prompt you too!). 

Some of the time (not if he is in a hurry to do something fun though), he tells me off for getting a toy out when he hasn't tidied away what he was playing with yet.

I sometimes wonder if he is really my son, but I love how helpful he can be (even though I'm concerned he may become a bit of a nag once his words improve!) :)


  1. May I borrow him?! It sounds as though he could teach the girls a thing or to!

  2. ooh lucky you, I'm constantly tidying up after Charlie. Though today he did decide to pick up the breakfast debris of apple and cheerios - one step at a time!

  3. Hi,

    Could I borrow him also? It sounds like he could teach my man a thing or too.

    I just popped over from Mummy's Little Monkey BTW.


  4. Seriously, please can you get your child to have a word with my child? She doesn't do any of those things!

  5. Ha ha. I may have to counter this post with one of all the unhelpful things he does too. Like tipping rice puffs over the floor on a daily basis (just so we have to hoover them up, as he demands). I may treat you all to his darker side next week. I'd be concerned what he may actually teach your children if I let him have a word with them! :)



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