Wednesday, 20 July 2011

T-shirt Covered Cushions

I'm bit of a hoarder when it comes to clothes, and I still have some t-shirts I bought when I was a teenager. Over the years I've become better (mainly due to moving house quite often), but I still had a few t-shirts left that will never fit me again! I also still have the biggest pile of baby and toddler clothes and really need to find a home for or re-use (in a craft sense).

I already showed you how I had used some of Kit's t-shirts in a memory blanket, and I will be saving a whole bunch more ready to create a much larger one for him later on. This is more of a use of my larger (but now too small) t-shirts, although a couple of little t-shirts have crept in along the way.

Basically, I turned them in to cushions. To do this I firstly, turned the t-shirt inside out and machined up the arms in a line roughly in line with the direction of the side (and in my case very roughly as I also tried to follow the join a bit so there would be less holes if I changed my mind later and wanted to use them for something else). Secondly, with the t-shirt still inside out, I machined up the neck across the top point (I needed as much room as possible as my t-shirts were a bit of a tight fit on the cushion insides I had). Thirdly, I turned the t-shirt the right way out over a cushion inside and sewed along the very bottom of the t-shirt. I didn't make them removable, which I may regret later on, but I was happy enough to bung them in the wash as is because the cushion insides are machine washable anyhow.

They are far from perfect, but I like them! (Notice the slight theme - Even before I had Kit I loved children's books and cartoons, now I just have a great excuse to read the books all the time (not so much watch the cartoons, they don't make them like they used to - 'back in my day...').

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