Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Crystal Palace Park

My parents came to visit last Thursday, so I took them to Paris Crystal Palace. I'm afraid there are no pictures of the palace although we did go and sit on the steps while Kit was napping!

Nanny and Grandad played lots in the park, and Kit managed to hold his own despite a large number of bigger kids in the park on school trips (there is also an amazing sandpit with 'real' dinosaur bones and eggs sticking out of it).

Then we went for tea and ice-cream and Kit had a ride on a giraffe (which he seemed quite happy about). He really just wanted to see the 'piggy's' though - Kit's newest favourite word and animal it would appear 'piggy', 'piggy', 'piggy'.

On our way to the piggy's Kit pointed out all the prehistoric monsters to Nanny.

Finally, we reached Capel Manor College Farm, home to some piggy's (and other less significant animals!) - but they were asleep. 'Piggy, shhhh', 'piggy, shhhh'.

Thank you for a lovely day out, Nanny and Grumps!!

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