Saturday, 30 July 2011

This week we're grateful...

It was Kit's birthday a month ago. I'm really slow at getting around to doing certain things. As a consequence, we've only just started to make thank you cards!

It was a joint effort really - I thought it would be a bit much to expect Kit to spell out 'Thank you' in glue so I did that bit for him!!


  1. They are lovely! And I'm so glad you posted this as I haven't sent thank yous for my daughter's birthday from a month ago and I was telling myself that it's 'too late' this year, but now I need to give myself a good kick! x

  2. It's nice to involve your kid in making the Thank You cards. He's sure to remember it forever. Popping in from Maxabella's grateful linky ;-)

  3. Thanks Maxabella, I wasn't sure whether to link it or not this week. I'm glad I did now. :)



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