Thursday, 15 September 2011

Weekend fun at the Thames Festival

I've been hiding from the blogoshere for a little while. Everything has been a bit manic. We did have a lovely weekend, before all the trauma of this week.

We met up with my lovely ex-housemates to go and explore the Thames Festival. We started off at the We Make London craft fair and were very tempted by lots of lovely handmade things. As we travelled along the river there were loads of kids activities but Kit decided to fall asleep while we were at that point so he missed out on decorating a hat, painting a fish and other fun looking activities.

He also missed out on meeting the baby vegetables, my friend Vicky was given the responsibility of looking after one of them.

We ended up at the Tate Modern playing in the under-5s area, Kit was enjoying the slide lots and lots, and dragging my poor friends around lots - he tells me to go away when there are other people to play with!

Ended the day browsing the Crafty Fox Pop-up market while Kit ate some yummy macaroni cheese from the macaroni cheese stall! Then we headed back home so that Kit could sleep and we could drink lots of wine and natter.

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  1. Glad that you had fun at the Thames Festival! Somewhere that we've got in mind to visit someday, but it was a bit much this year.

    Thanks for mentioning the under-5s area at the Tate Modern, we hadn't heard of that and are always looking for places for really little ones in central London!



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