Friday, 23 September 2011

Chelsea Pt 2

Following an occasion where Kit ran, hands out, straight into a painting at the Tate Modern, I'm a bit wary of taking him to art galleries. He loves that painting - it's the room with lots of the same picture, where it looks like someone has been massacred in there (red smears all over white canvas) - I don't share his love so I have never looked to see who painted it. Consequently, trips to the Tate now involve buggy action only, apart from playtime on the awesome slide. I let down my guard yesterday, and embranced Kit's dinosaur rein as sufficient to prevent him from destroying any works of art and we ventured into the Saatchi Gallery.

I haven't been to the Saatchi since it moved to Chelsea (and became free - I obviously only thought it was worth it when I had to pay!!). I wasn't really sure what would be in there, and it was a lot different from the collection I had seen before. I'm not sure that the content is toddler-friendly, and I think I might have caused some kind of mental damage to Kit now, but boy did he love the room with the smashed up cars, we went back 4 times and he did not want to leave it. He was slightly scared of some of the sculpted people (so was I to be honest), but generally he did enjoy exploring. I'd love to be all arty and tell you which artists he liked but my priority was keeping small fingers away from them (Kit: 'Mummy, me touch it?'), I have no idea who created what. Definitely worth a look if you're in the area - any if you have a primary or secondary school child they even have downloadable activities on their website.

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