Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Science Museum

So we survived freezing water and scaling walls at the V&A, and then when we were all rested we headed along the road to the Science Museum. I think the Science Museum is well and truely a child's idea of heaven. I've yet to meet a toddler that doesn't love cars (girls and boys), aeroplanes, or rockets.

We were specifically heading for The Garden, which is the museums incredable offering for (officially) 3-6 year olds, although I've been taking Kit there since he could walk! It's main offering is the most amazing water play ever (and since Kit had already washed his clothes once that day, I wasn't fussed about him getting a bit wet again, but they do have jackets to wear if you want your child to remain dry!).

Amongt the other activities The Garden has to offer, there is also an amazing opportunity for children to embrace teamwork, with a pully system and bean bags. Kit assisted slightly, but generally he just played with the wheelbarrow and a hard hat that would not stay on his head. I was really impressed at how nice some of the older children were to him, and how organised they manage to get themselves in collecting beanbags hoisting them up and then bringing them back down again.

We also stumbled on another fun area which we hadn't been to before. Although the website suggest that it is more suitable for 5-8 year olds, Kit still had a lot of fun, although he wasn't as engaged as he is by the garden. We discovered the Pattern Pod. The section of this that did engage him (and that my friend Jess and I thought was awesome) was the disco room (I don't know what it is really called, it was a room with music and lights!). Kit loves music, and he loves to dance.

Kit (and I) slept well Sunday night. We love the South Kensington museums. We'll be back again soon, we need to go visit the dinosaurs and bugs at the Natural History Museum too. 

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