Thursday, 22 September 2011

Chelsea Pt 1

We spent the day over in Chelsea today as we had kindly been invited to the Pippa's Poppets launch party at the Chelsea Theatre.

We had a lovely time, thank you Pippa. Kit is a rather over-enthusiastic dancer, and an escapologist (he only got out once, which must have meant he enjoyed it because I've spent many a toddler activity just running in and out of the door!) The songs were really fun and Kit enjoyed joining in with the actions, once he got the hang of it. Pippa runs the classes as terms so I'd imagine after the first few sessions the little ones are showing her how to do the actions. :) I really loved the handmade instruments as it would be so easy to make your own so you could replicate the classes at home between each session easily. We live a bit too far out to sign up for classes, but if you live in Chelsea, Pimlico, Knightsbridge or Wandsworth it's worth checking it out.

Kit exhausted himself with the singing and dancing which gave me a chance to pop into a few shops without boring him too much. He did wake up the moment that we reached the haberdashery department in Peter Jones though, which only confirms my believe that he is a born crafter - I intend to induct him into sweatshop labour as soon as possible! After lunch and the purchase of some much needed new shoes (for Kit not for me), we headed onto our next excitement. Check out tomorrow's post to find out what we did next...

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  1. Oh no!! I just caught this, I will forward on to Pippa. Speak soon, Laura x



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