Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Make Your Own Play food: Felt Pasta

My son loves playing chef. He cooks me strange concoptions of wooden and material play food almost every day. I was treated to a biscuit with an eggy middle (apparently) and garlic on toast today. I'm sitting writing this post surrounded by plates of lettuce on toast. I always see things about making your own play food and I really want to make Kit some. He has quite a bit already but there are some things that are missing. One of the things that you don't often see in the shops is pasta, and yet that is one of most childrens favourite foods. Here is how I made some ...

1. Cut out some rectangles of pasta coloured felt (I might make some green and red later).
 2. Squeeze the rectangle in the centre so it folds like below.
3. Sew across the folds and back through, tie off.
4. Cut out a crimped edge -you could obviously have done this at the beginning (especially if you have crimping shears that work on felt - I don't!)
 5. COOK!

I think I might get some fat yellow wool and cut out lengths for spagetti, or you could use pipe cleaners and then they could mimic the straight to bendy nature of actually spaghetti. I've yet to figure out how I could make some sauce! :)


  1. Those are brilliant...and look simple enough for me to make. Sun would love them given his favourite food is pasta pesto. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Lovely, it's always nice to eat food cooked by little chefs ;)

  3. Wow! they look good enough to eat! ;-)

  4. Wow these are fantastic! I'll definately have a go at making those :)

  5. Oh these are fab. I could even make them with my sewing skills.



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