Friday, 30 September 2011

So Judge Me!

Rightly or wrongly one of the common concerns of parents is the how we are judged by other Mums. The disapproving looks of others can be upsetting to even the strongest of Mums. But then, sometimes, you just look back and think, seriously!?!

We were at the park yesterday. Kit was in the spinny around metal bowl thing (the technical term for it obviously). I passed him a stick so he could bash it - he's done so before - it makes an awesome sound, it's like sitting in a steel drum. He bashed and I encouraged. The other Mum in the park tutted (well they looked over sternly, disapprovingly). I'm not sorry that I want my son to explore the world around him, and to see what happens if he does something. Bashing a steel drum with a stick isn't doing anyone. or anything, any harm.

I wish I thought I'd imagined the looks, but I'm sure I didn't. If that's bad parenting, judge me. My son is happy, bright and full of fun, and he loves to explore the world around him. Why would another Mum want to judge that I'm letting him do that?


  1. I'm sure that they think that you're not teaching your child the difference between hitting a drum with a stick and hitting another human being with a stick. I'm glad you're giving your kid enough credit and know that he can tell the difference between inanimate and animate objects.

  2. Outside in the park is the perfect place to hit big metal things with sticks! I think there's something very sad about parents who think their children can't make any noise whatsoever or experiment and follow their urges when it's safe to do so. I think I'd pick up a stick and join in too just to irk the watching parent!

  3. Will it make you feel better to know that I took Maisie to a restaurant last week with a friend and we ordered a bottle of wine. When it arrived at the table Maisie stood on her chair, applauded and said "WINE! Hooray! I like it. I like it so much!" at the top of her lungs?

    Ah the tuts!!! I say screw 'em - I don't have time for judgy mcjudgersons!

  4. Lol Emily. I'd have wee'd myself laughing if I'd been in that restaurant with you. It's sad how people can't see the funny, or fun side of things sometimes.

  5. Why on earth were you tutted?????????!!!!!! Your son was having a great time. Tut Tut back.

  6. Um? What?! Sounds like appropriate playground behaviour to me!

    I always call them t-cups.



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