Thursday, 29 September 2011


As a last minute birthday purchase back in June Kit got a scooter. He already had a very rusty, large and pink scooter that I had got off freecycle, but it was for an older child and he couldn't use it so I'd never thought that he might (at 2) be reaching that age. I'd picked him up from his childminders a few times and he'd been playing on her daughters scooter and she said he was getting quite good. I thought it might actually be time for him to have a scooter he could ride. I may have been wrong! Here is a round-up of Kit's favourite scooter moves.

1. Actual scooting (a rare trick generally performed for short periods of time)
 2. The 'pull the scooter along next to you' (often followed by severe frustration that the scooter will not travel in the desired way and tends to attack from behind)
 3. The 'mummy carry it' move (the most common of all the tricks)
 4. The 'me sit on it' move (an incredibly slow moving - if moving at all - trick, reserved for testing patience to the limit)
 5. The 'stuff it I'll just leave it on the floor' move (generally implemented when move 3 is being refused)

Needless to say, I'm still fairly dubious about taking him out just with a scooter for company. I'm desperate to loose the buggy (mainly because I'm pretty certain it is about to fall apart on me!) but carrying a scooter, a toddler and a bag of shopping just doesn't seem appealing!


  1. My 2-year old is a speed demon on a scooter. I'm constantly yelling at him on the street to get him to slow down and/or stop and/or wait for me. Since I yell in Estonian I'm sure the evil look some people give me means "go back to Poland you bloody loud eastern european". (I've found that every language that's not understood in London automatically means it's Polish).

  2. I am desperately trying to get A to scoot, he was 3 in May and it is not coming naturally! Love your pics x



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