Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Which would you choose dog or cat?

We got to spend a lovely weekend at my friend Carly's house (who lives in Brighton). Sometimes she has the family dog come to stay, and despite Kit having only meet him a few times, as soon as I told him that we were going to Carly's for the weekend, he kept asking 'doggy there?' We had a bit of a nightmare start to our journey as the petrol cap on my car was stuck and I couldn't unscrew it to fill up with fuel. Neither could the man at Halfords, or the man at the first open garage I managed to find, thankfully, 5 garages later (some open, some closed) a lovely man (for local readers he was from the garage off Chatterton Road - I think it's Pope Road?) managed to undo it with a wrench, and greased it and put it back on and it's fine! There was a point where I said to Kit that we might not make it to Carly's and he burst into tears!

When we eventually did arrive at Carly's Kit was very happy to see the dog. The catch was, he was only happy to see him if he was wrapped tightly around me! There was quite a bit of screaming (on Kit's part). It's funny how he could be so excited about seeing something, but so crazily scared of it at the same time! When we went for a walk on the Downs on Sunday morning Kit was getting a bit more adventurous with the dog, and by the time we got back he was pretty much tormenting him! I'm more of a cat person than a dog person, but I do wonder if it might eventually be nice to get a dog. I think realistically I'd always favour a cat, but wonder which Kit would get the most pleasure from. Anyone out there got any thoughts about which is potentially nicer for kids, dogs or cats?

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