Friday, 16 September 2011

How not to grow cress!

I bought some cress seeds a while back because I wanted to do some cress-heads with Kit. Weeks later I still had the seeds, in the packet, on my shelf. I wanted to grow them! I'm not the most organised person in the world, and the key to growing cress-heads is having some cotton-wool (which I don't have in the house generally). So I thought I had a brainwave. I thought, stuff cotton-wool, I'll just use wool (and maybe if I try cotton yarn it will be better). So me and Kit planted some cress seeds in little bundles of wool!

I think thought they looked quite pretty. I'm not sure that the poor little cress seeds enjoyed their lifetime in the wool though. Not many grew.

I might not have put enough seeds in. Or it might have been because a certain small person kept knocking them off the window sill when jumping up to see the recycling trucks, but whatever the reason, we didn't have enough for egg and cress sandwiches! Maybe we'll try again, with more seeds and a safer location. I may revolutionise cresshead growing yet! 

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