Monday, 5 September 2011

Victoria and Albert Museum

Whenever I meet up with friends in central London I try to organise to meet them somewhere that Kit can have a play. I think it not only improves the chances of me actually being able to hold a conversation with my friends for longer than thirty seconds, but it is also fairer on him, as he gets something out of the day as well. One of my favourite places to do this is South Kensington. To those of you unfamiliar with London, this is the area that hosts, within minutes of each other, The Science Museum, The Natural History Museum, and The Victoria and Albert Museum, and believe me any child would be delighted to visit any one of these three, and they are all free!

I was meeting my friend Jess, and we are both big fans of the V&A shop (which is in sale at the moment, so we won't mention it too much!!). Obviously we opted to meet there this weekend. Actually, we might have to make another trip there soon as they have a great sounding exhibition starting tomorrow, The Power of Making.

On Sundays The Sackler Centre hosts children's arts and crafts activities, they are a bit old for Kit really, but we did manage to pull together a treehouse for a pig (under Kit's guidence) for the buildings theme that this week had.

They also have a table of bricks for the kids to play at, and you can borrow backpacks with age appropriate activities to guide you around the gallery (although we haven't tried these yet).

We had been hoping for some sunny weather, so that Kit could enjoy the paddling pool, it seems that even freezing water couldn't put him off though!

Unfortunately, we did end up spending a while in the toilets trying to dry his clothes with the hand-dryer as he tried to make a run for it in the water and fell over!

There is also a great cafe, so we went for lunch,  the food is fairly pricey but it is worth the money. Kit had a child-sized roast, which was a fairly reasonable £5.75 and included a drink). By the end of lunch he was literally climbing the walls though.

Needless to say he fell asleep fairly quickly after, so we bankrupted ourselves in the shop, and pottered around the galleries a little. I'll tell you what we got up to once he woke up tomorrow...


  1. We've had a great time at the Science and Natural History Museums with a two year old but not tried the V&A yet so thanks for the recommendation!

  2. aww i did this a couple of weeks ago, athough my son was reluctant to ge his feet wet! makes for a relaxing and calm day out, and the shop is the best bit! x



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