Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Versatile Blogger: Seven things you didn't know about me!

I was tagged by the lovely Rollercoaster Mum for this

The rules are...
  • thank the blogger who has awarded you and link back to them
  • share seven things about yourself
  • pass the award along to 15 other newly discovered blogs
So my seven things.. um...
1. I'm left-handed, which apparently makes me naturally more inclined to being creative (it also could have got me hung as a witch)..
2. I'm also an Aquarius, which apparently means that I'm friendly, independant and intelligent, but that I also have a penchant for living with my head in the clouds (I don't believe that this would have got me hung as a witch though).
3. I have a Masters degree in Visual Culture, which I've yet to be able to use. (I'm still studying - I'll find something to do with all my qualifications one day!).
4. I have blue eyes and dark(ish) brown hair (something I've been told would have got me hung as a witch) - actually you might already know that from looking at photos on my blog - what you wouldn't know is that I once dyed the tips of my hair green (just to make me look more like a witch - kidding).
5. I wish I was Kirstie Allsopp (I might be watching Location, location, location while I write this!)
6. I'm scared of the dark (possibly because I'm concerned that someone might come and try to hang me as a witch!).
7. I am not a witch.

And I in turn am tagging Boo and Me2 Stars and a SwirlPurple Mum, Aprons and HeelsMoors Mummy, Jennifers Little World, Rosie, My Mumoirs, Emma in Bromley I know that's not 15, and I'm sorry if you have been tagged already. It's more difficult to find people that haven't been tagged than you might think! :)


  1. Thanks for tagging me. I also want to be Kirsty Allsopp, even going as far as buying a brightly coloured mack and lots of skirts.

  2. Thank you for tagging me! - I don't want to be kirstie allsopp, but I do love her first book, have her second one on order, would do anything for her Chloe wedge boots and spotted a mirror that belonged to her grandad's brewery - ok maybe I want to be kma a little bit! Oh and I grew up in Lancaster which is famous for the Pendle witch trials!



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