Friday, 2 September 2011

More Elmo!

I think Kit's love of Elmo grows every day. He was very happy to receive some Elmo books from my sister (who recently went out to the US of A) - one of them has a drs kit attached to it, and Kit has had great pleasure in testing everyones reflexes with the hammer (and not just on the knee!).

The first ask I get each morning is 'Elmo D-D' (dvd), sometimes before breakfast!

 We found a little Elmo in a charity shop, which is much easier to take around than Kit's 'Tickle me Elmo' (which he also chose from a charity shop a year or so ago). Kit's been teaching him to play in the park.

He even got to have afternoon tea in Kit's playhouse at Nanny and Grandad's (although he did get posted out of the window when Kit decided he wanted me to join him instead).

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