Monday, 19 September 2011

Grow Your Own

We spent a bit of time at my parents last week. As my Silent Sunday post suggested, Kit did a spot of harvesting. In fact, he has done a lot of harvesting this week! The previous time we had stayed at Nanny and Grandads Kit tried his hand at first eating all the strawberries, and then when he had eaten all of them he turned his eye to the tomatoes. This time there were no strawberries left, but even with his mammoth appetite there was no way he could have even skimmed the surface of the tomatoes!

He enjoyed picking some of the tomatoes and bringing Nanny all the crops while she was cooking it all up for dinner!

On Sunday afternoon we popped over to Kit's Dad's house and I was taking a break so I didn't pass out from exhaustion Kit could spend a bit of one-to-one time with his Dad, and he ran in to see me (knitting watching cbeebees - too lazy to change the channel) and he dumped a very muddy onion on my lap. Seems he spent a bit of time doing the more grubby version of harvesting of potatoes and onions. I really should go and ask about where our name is on the allotment list!

On a side-note, I'm excited that the strawberry plants in our garden have come back to life (having been massacred by squirrels) so I'm hoping if we pass them into the care of Nanny and Grandad - with their greenhouse - then next year Kit might actually be able to steal all the strawberries off of his own strawberry plant.

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