Friday, 23 September 2011

Let them eat cake

I was feeling ambitious today. I had a box of cake mix (cheating I know), I made the early train (actually this is just the train - but I'm normally late picking Kit up), I knew if I mentioned cake that Kit would actually walk quickly and not insist on sitting on every wall on the way home, and quite frankly I wanted sugar! I never ever plan to do anything in the hour between picking Kit up from his childminder and him going to bed. We normally just come home and drink tea and play, until storytime and bed. Today, we made cake.

We got home I turned the oven on, Kit mixed it up, dished it out and I popped it in the oven

While the mix was baking in the oven, Kit got his pjs on. I got the cakes out the oven, Kit blew on them to cool them down, and we decorated them.

Then Kit's favourite part...
 'I eat it?'

Last but not least (and two cakes down) it was time to clean teeth.

Much to my shock, even with the normal storytime Kit was settled in bed by 7pm (his normal bedtime). Maybe we'll have to bake cakes every evening - I might try a slightly more complicated not packet mix version next time!

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