Saturday, 1 October 2011


I picked Kit up from his childminders the other day and as he came to the door an earwig scuttled in (not sure that they technically scuttle). The childminder was trying to talk to me but Kit was trying to break free of the house, so I pointed the earwig out to distract him to stay there while she finished talking. One of the other mindees was at the door too. We talked and they looked at the earwig, then the other mindee started trying to stamp on it (and she did - poor earwig!). It made me wonder about kids and bugs.

Kit finds bugs fascinating (so long as they aren't heading towards him - that scares him!). He gets upset sometimes when they disappear. I'm not aware that prior to this he had ever seen anyone stamp on one, and he didn't copy the behaviour. I wonder what possessed the other toddler to decide to stamp on it, especially since it was after having been studying it for so long! What are your toddlers like with bugs?


  1. My two, now five and seven, love bugs. (Except for spiders. My daughter hates spiders.) We live on an island in Northern Michigan that is mostly wooded so there are insects everywhere. Often when we leave the house, the net and bug box come with us so my son can hold on to what ever critters we find. We always let them go after a while...

  2. I think a net and bug box may be part of my son's Christmas list. We don't get that many exciting bugs, but any bugs are exciting to my 2 year old! :)



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