Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Insect Circus

We were really lucky last week and we won tickets through the lovely people at Urban Explorers for The Insect Circus at Jacksons Lane theatre in Highgate in North London.

I'll be honest, I wasn't sure that my wriggly fidgit of a child would manage to make it through a theatre performance without running out the doors several time. He did thought. I'm not sure if I just underestimated him, or whether it was just that the performance was so amazing that he was entralled by it! I've decided I'll have to take him to some more shows to find out!

The lovely people in the circus said it was ok to take photos so here is a teaser of what you've missed out on if you didn't make it along. The photos don't do it justice though, it was an incredable show (and no insects were harmed in the performance).

The show at Jacksons Lane has finished now, but check out The Insect Circus website for any more shows.

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