Tuesday, 8 November 2011

First Fireworks

I didn't even think about fireworks last year. Guy Fawkes landed just after we had moved back up to Bromley having been living at my parents for 8 months after me and Kit's dad split up. I'd also just started a new job and was forced to go from never having left Kit for more than a few hours, to leaving him all day, three days a week, with someone I barely knew. Fireworks were not what was on my mind.
This year, we're fairly settled - we might even have an allotment across the road soon, which would be my dream come true. Our rent has actually fallen, so I don't feel so stressed about money, and Kit is the smiliest loveliest little boy who is happy to go and play with his friends at the childminders (he was always the smiliest loveliest little boy, just not when I used to drop him at the childminder!). We are ready to embrace all the holidays and fireworks are a great start.

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