Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sunday Night's Film Night

Sunday night in our household is now 'Film Night'. As you've probably figured out by now, we have really hectic weekends. I work Mondays and I'm generally exhausted by a Sunday night. Kit is a massive bundle of energy all the time and he never ever sits still. My theory is that by teaching him to sit down and watch a film he might learn to focus his attension on one thing for a bit longer. And, it means we can have a quiet Sunday evening together.

Normally I feel like I'm often busy doing things that don't focus on Kit. I do sit and play with him as much as possible, but I also feel torn to do chores and get shopping etc because I never have the chance to do this without him. So any quality time I can set to spend with him feels great, even if it is sat down watching a film I feel like this time is uninterupted Kit-time, a much longer version of his bedtime stories (which we do every night) where I am concentrating wholly on him.

Our test film night we watch Lilo and Stitch, and Kit really enjoyed it. He wriggled lots which was expected, but he didn't try to go off and play at all. This Sunday we watch Ice Age 2, and he wasn't as engaged (although as you'll see below he did enjoy parts of it lots!). It was a bit more effort to get him to stay and watch it, but he did stay to the end, when he took himself to bed! 

I also made a discovery... I wanted to do popcorn for our film night (as I thought it would help with the sitting down for a while), but I didn't want to feed Kit lots of sugar before bed, and I really didn't want to destroy my saucepans popping it either. I read the packet of some plain corn and it said that you could just pop it in the microwave in a microwavable container (with a lid)! Completely guilt-free popcorn, literally just corn popped! (You all probably knew that already though!)

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