Monday, 7 November 2011

Wellcome Collection: Day of the Dead

We celebrated the Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead, this weekend at the Wellcome Collection. Luckily we arrived as they opened, because after we went for lunch we came back to see a queue around the block to get in (maybe they knew something we didn't!).

We were greated by dancing and music, which Kit loved. He especially enjoyed sitting on my shoulders to watch it (hence the bad photo as I didn't want to risk dropping him too much!).

The Wellcome Collection is aimed at people 14+, and we went to meet up with some of my friends, not necessarily for Kit's benefit. When we arrived to the room with the Day of the Dead altar it became apparent that this day was aimed at the under-14 age group. There were lots of awesome face-painting going on, which is something I am still to scared to let Kit have done, given his sensitive, ezcema skin. On tables around the room was a load of activities to keep the small people entertained. Kit made a skeleton.

We even poked around the galleries a little, and Jess tried to get Kit to learn about the different organs, in the end though he was happiest listening to someone talking about malaria on a telephone.

I was tipped off that there is even a kids pack, although this is aimed at children's 6+. We'll definitely head back there to explore the galleries properly, when it is a bit quieter. There are lots of things to look at and buttons to press. There is a model of a very fat person too, so I told Kit that was what happens if you eat too many biscuits - hoping that will curb obesity for him later in life!

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